5 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Tranquilo Mat

April 26, 2017

5 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Tranquilo Mat

Tranquilo Mat was designed to calm a fussy baby by mimicking the constant motions and sounds from the womb. It’s portability and versatility make it an effective tool to use anywhere baby might cry! The soothing sounds and vibrations can also help babies in so many more ways! Improved sleep, gas relief, and extending tummy time are just a few great uses we’ve heard from our customers.

Based on what’s worked well for them, here’s how to make the most of your Tranquilo Mat.

How to Use Tranquilo Mat

First, educate yourself on how to get started with the product. Since we designed our product to be as safe as possible, we have a few safety mechanisms that make operation of the mat non-intuitive. So we created a short “How To” video so you can get your mat working quickly once it arrives.

Once baby is born, you will be kept busy soothing their inexplicable cries. Remember that if baby is hungry, sick, or in need of a diaper change, the mat might only soothe baby for a few minutes before they start to cry again.

Ways to Use Tranquilo Mat
    1. Soothing All Around the House

      In addition to calming a fussy baby around the housein the pack and play, bassinet/crib, activity mat, etc,.Tranquilo Mat can be used on the go in a baby carrier or car seat. For safety sake, if using it in a car seat, only place the mat on top of baby after he is properly strapped in!

      Playtime is also another great way to use the mat! Placing baby on the mat can keep them calm and enjoying playtime longer. This is even true for babies who hate “tummy time.” Placing baby on the mat can extend their happiness and engagement in play even when on their tummy!

      2. Gas, GERD, Colic

      Some moms have also reported the Tranquilo Mat is a great help with baby’s gas troubles. When baby is placed on the mat or with the mat on top of their tummies, the vibrations help get the trapped gas moving in their digestive tract so they can more easily pass it. Less gas = happier baby!

      Some babies with GERD have also really enjoyed the Tranquilo Mat for this reason. Usually these babies get diagnosed with GERD simply because they are fussy and doctors don’t know what else to do or suggest. These babies simply need some more comfort. Unfortunately, for babies with GERD who do experience excessive spitting up after meals, the Tranquilo Mat is not recommended as it might cause them to experience more spit up than without.

      One of the best uses for Tranquilo Mat is to help babies suffering from “colic.” Colic is simply a description doctors use to describe a baby who cries for more than three hours per day, three times per week with no known cause. It’s descriptive of baby’s symptoms and doctors make the diagnosis to acknowledge the problem but can’t offer good solutions.

      Fortunately, science has emerged to show that many babies with “colic” often just miss the womb. Colic starts as babies hit the 6-8 week mark when they are neurologically more “awake” and engaged with their surroundings. This is compared with a newborn who mostly sleeps when not eating.

      As baby develops and wakes up a bit more, they become aware that something is “missing.” Recreating the soothing womb-like environment is helpful to calm them and stop their colic! This is where Tranquilo Mat’s soothing motions and sounds, especially when combined with the other S’sSwaddling and Suckingcan do wonders to bring peace to your house.

      5 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Tranquilo Mat | Tranquilo Mat

      3. Falling Asleep with Mom, Staying Asleep When Put into the Crib

      Have you ever held a sleeping baby who wakes up the minute you put her down, and cries if you don’t pick her back up? Try placing the mat between your chest and baby, positioned so that the mat is on baby’s back with your arms wrapped around them both. This way, the mat, especially the large size, acts like a more stable surface with which to transfer baby into the crib. The soothing vibrations also stay on while you make the switch so baby has some continuity and doesn’t awaken as easily!

      4. Sleep Training & Transitioning to Crib

      As baby grows, there will come a day where he’s outgrown his bassinet or no longer safely fits into his Rock & Play or swing. By the time baby hits the the 4-5 month mark, his motor skills have improved and he’s able to roll over and will enjoy reaching out and grabbing things. He’ll also start to work on sitting up right, and while he might not master this skill just yet, his new found weight and coordination will make his bassinet, Rock & Play, and swing too small, and in some cases, unsafe!

      Unfortunately, he’s just spent the last 4-5 months enjoying the constant motion these devices provide. So it’s no wonder he has no interest in lying flat in his stationary crib! The Tranquilo Mat can easily help with this transition, transforming the crib with familiar motion and sounds.

      The mat is also designed to help baby learn to self soothe. With 3 different speeds, you can wean baby off the vibrations as he grows, transitioning from high, to medium, and finally to low. You can place the product under the mattress to further dampen the motions and sounds, further aiding in the weaning process. Our 60-minute auto off is one final tool you can use to help baby finish their transition by helping them fall asleep but letting them stay asleep without any help!

      Since the whole goal of sleep training is getting baby to use self-soothing techniques to fall asleep and stay asleep, Tranquilo is the perfect companion to help your baby achieve that goal, ultimately helping you and ensuring your peace of mind.

      5 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Tranquilo Mat | Tranquilo Mat

      5. Traveling with Baby Stress Free

      Traveling with baby can be stressful enough! The change in routine can be enough to throw baby’s mood off and make your vacation anything but relaxing. Tranquilo Mat can help make your travels less stressed by helping you keep baby calm no matter where you are goingacross town or across the country!

      Suppose that you’re driving and suddenly baby starts to wail because he’s hungry but your destination or the next rest stop isn’t for 20 minutes. Fortunately, with Tranquilo Mat, you can help keep baby calm as you work to get someplace where you can safely feed him. Simply place the mat on top of baby in the carseat (over the top of the straps) and let the soothing vibrations and white sound keep him distracted and calm while you finish driving to your destination.

      Perhaps you’re taking a plane ride and your baby starts to cry during takeoff or landing? While using a pacifier or breastfeeding can help soothe baby’s ears during the change in pressure, sometimes they need a little extra soothing! Or maybe baby is fine during takeoff but starts to wail the minute the plane levels out and the bumpy ascent ceases. This is where Tranquilo Mat can help soothe baby and keep your fellow passengers happy, too!

      Or maybe you are away from home in a setting unfamiliar to babya hotel room, a friends house, etc. Unfamiliar settings without their usual crib, bassinet, or mobile can be very disruptive for babies who crave stability and routine. So if baby loves his vibrating bassinet at home but you don’t want to lug that clunker with you across town, Tranquilo Mat can fill in! Using Tranquilo Mat at home and then bringing it with you when you’re traveling can help soothe baby with the calming vibrations and sounds they miss from home, helping them more easily acclimate to their new and unfamiliar environment.

      Then you can relax and enjoy your trip!

      Bonus Tips

      We’ve had a few parents report using the Tranquilo Mat to keep baby calm when they’re undergoing phototherapy for jaundice. When babies are under the phototherapy lights, it’s like a sun tanning bed and they can’t be held or swaddled. This makes soothing difficult, but fortunately, the Tranquilo Mat can be placed under the biliblanket and still provide soothing vibrations, One mom swore that the mat helped keep baby calm (and a few times, asleep!) during the frequent blood draws her daughter needed. Additionally, we’ve had a few moms report the mat can help keep baby calm during or after vaccinations! *

      *Tranquilo Mat is not intended for and makes no claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

      Photo credit Anna MacIsaac Photography

      How do you use or plan to use your Tranquilo Mat? Do you have any situations we haven’t listed where the Tranquilo Mat has come in handy?



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