Unique Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

November 15, 2020

Unique Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas can be an exciting and special time for families, and if you welcomed a new baby into yours this year, the celebration will likely be an especially memorable one for you. That being said, here are a few unique ways to make your baby's first Christmas extra special, along with some advice you need to take into account.

Create Some Baby Art

One fun idea is to create some baby art by casting your baby’s hand, foot, or even a combination of your whole family holding hands. You can do this from a simple DIY kit, or in a formal studio type setting. Or, you can make baby handprints and washable paintings of Christmas trees or angels on canvas. Either way, you’ll be making Christmas bonding memories that can last forever in a special artwork that you made with your baby.

Have a Photo Shoot

Investing in professional photos for your family’s first Yuletide portraits with the baby can be one of the best ways to remember your first Christmas together. Have some seasonal shots taken in gorgeous outdoor settings like the community Christmas tree. You can even wear cute matching Christmas outfits and use Christmas props. There are many cute seasonal photo ideas for your baby online. Capture these memories and share the prints on your Christmas cards, or on your own picture frames for your home.

Learn Baby Sign Language

One of the most incredible experiences you can start having with your baby on their first Christmas is being able to talk “their talk” even before an actual word comes out from their lips. This is possible through baby sign language. To learn it, you can choose to enroll in classes, download baby signing mobile apps, or teach them baby sign language key words you can get from the internet.

Take a Trip

Traveling with your baby for the first time can be truly exciting — even more so for your baby’s first Christmas. You might want to surprise the grandparents with a visit, or rent a cabin or beach house to enjoy as a family. Wherever you choose will be a truly memorable first Christmas trip. Just make sure to have a game plan, as all baby travels can be unpredictable. Additionally, it's also crucial that you take note of all the safety precautions when traveling, as there have been many restrictions placed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wear a facemask at all times, and be sure to maintain your distance from other people.

if you're baby gets fussy (which is likely to happen), be ready! One way to calm the fussiness quickly on the go is the Tranquilo Baby Soothe Massager. You'll want your baby to be comfortable during your trips, and tools like this can provide quick relief for gas, discomfort, and fuzziness. Moreover, be sure to read up on some useful holiday travel sleep tips. Remember, good sleep for your baby means good sleep (and travel!) for you, too. 

Make a Quilt

Babies outgrow their precious newborn clothes quite fast. Why not turn some of your favorite baby outfits or blankets into a handcrafted quilt? You can have it done professionally, or craft it on your own to make it more special. Put some Christmas colored fabrics or patterns, and turn it into your baby’s first Christmas quilt.

Set up a Long-Term Plan

If friends or relatives gave cash gifts, or if you have some extra money saved up, why not set aside something for your baby’s future? While savings accounts can go a long way, another good option for your child’s future is a 529 Plan. The money you save in this type of investment enjoys special tax advantages for education-related expenses, which you can use once your little one starts K-12, all the way until college. Saving up for your child’s education may just be the best Christmas gift to give your baby. So why not give it on their first Christmas to make it even more meaningful?

Sponsor a Child

This is probably the most unique way to spend your baby’s first Christmas, and one of the most impactful ones. Since your baby will probably have everything he or she needs growing up, why not make another child’s life better, too? Your child will grow up with generosity in their spirit from the very beginning, and be able to have a “sibling” to grow up with for every Christmas in the future. This will be a good blessing to have, not just in the first year, but every year.

Written by Julie Shelby, a Chicago-Based Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Family & Lifestyle Blogger

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