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Use The Small Mat: Wrap

March 09, 2018

Use The Small Mat: Wrap

About the Tranquilo Mat:

Tranquilo Mat is a portable, soothing product that can be used in multiple settings to help a parent soothe a baby to sleep (and help them stay asleep longer), anytime, anywhere. The mat mimics a mother’s womb by providing constant motion and sound, activating a baby’s calming response. There are four levels of vibration and two heartbeat modes, with the ability to adjust levels to baby’s liking. The humming white noise is generated from the mat’s vibrations. There’s no age or weight limit. A parent can choose to run the mat continuously or activate the 60-minute shut off. To learn more about operating the Tranquilo Mat click <here>.  

When can I use the Tranquilo Mat with a wrap?

You can use the Tranquilo Mat anytime when babywearing. Babywearing frees your hands to work or assist the needs of older children while still keeping your baby close to you. When using the Tranquilo Mat during babywearing, the soothing vibration may help calm baby, promote sleep, and reduce fussiness.

What vibration level should we use?

To accommodate baby’s preference, the Tranquilo Mat offers four vibration levels and two heartbeat modes. For newborns, we recommend using the lowest vibration setting or one of the heartbeat modes. As baby grows and adds weight, you may need to increase the vibration level to maintain the same vibration strength that baby has become accustomed to. Every baby is unique. It may take a few tries before discovering baby’s preferred setting.

How do I use the Tranquilo mat when wearing a baby wrap?   

  1. There are many types of wrap carriers and positions. Follow the wrap’s instructions with your preferred style.
  2. Put baby feet first into wrap. Make sure baby’s face is clear of fabric and in view. Check your wrap to ensure that baby is secure.
  3. Turn Tranquilo Mat on (press and hold) and pick preferred vibration setting.
  4. Slide the mat between the wrap’s outer layer and middle layer.
  5. Position mat behind baby’s back.

If you have additional question on how to use Tranquilo Mat, please visit our 
FAQs Page or contact customer service.   

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