Dr. Jen's Soothing Tips



Reality Check -- all babies get fussy at some point for many reasons.
They may be hungry, overtired, a little gassy or just because they are babies.
Here are the top 10 ways to calm your baby naturally:
  1. Feed your baby -- she might be hungry; Keep in mind newborns eat at least 8x a day
  2. Swaddle your baby -- it mimics the comfort of the womb
  3. Try a pacifier -- babies have a natural sucking reflex which helps them self-soothe
  4. Massage your baby -- yes it works the same way on a baby as it does on you. And if you don't have time, try the Tranquilo Baby Soothe Massager which mimics your fingertip massage
  5. Gently rock your baby in your arms while sitting on a chair or glider -- this causes a rhythmic calming feeling
  6. Soothe your baby with white noise -- Try a fan, vacuum, washing machine, white noise machine or even a white sound app on your phone
  7. Try the Tranquilo Mat -- it mimics the vibrations and heartbeat sounds of the womb, which naturally calms your baby
  8. Wear your baby in a carrier and walk around -- the gentle motion will help calm them like it did in the womb
  9. A warm bath can help to naturally relax and calm your baby
  10. Don’t overdress your baby in too many layers or blankets as overheating can cause a fussy baby