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How It Works

The magic behind the mat

Invented By a “Crying Baby” Specialist!

Early in her career as a maternity nurse, Melissa (inventor of Tranquilo Mat) became a certified Happiest Baby Educator as part of the famous soothing 5 S’s outlined in The Happiest Baby on the Block book. After learning these methods, Melissa brought these techniques back to the hospital nursery and earned herself the nickname “The Baby Whisperer” amongst her fellow nurses. Teaching the techniques to thousands of first time parents, Melissa saw how difficult it was for parents to execute them consistently while also adjusting to life with a new baby. One night while caring for a group of infants, Melissa was unable to pick up all of the babies to soothe them. Instead, she used each hand and foot to manually rock multiple bassinets and incubators all while “Shhh-ing” at full volume. That's when the idea struck and Tranquilo Mat was born.

How It Works!

Watch the tranquilo mat in action.