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Home Testimonials

The Tranquilo Mat is wonderful! My daughter was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and although her new formula is helping, she’s still healing and gets fussy after some of her feeds. I lay her on the mat and it immediately relaxes her! She’ll stop crying and her whole face changes. She’s happy and will play on it! It’s been so great because I have a chance to play and interact with her when she’s on the mat, instead of just trying to sooth her to sleep all the time!

Julie, Jon, and Baby Sarah L
Bridgewater, MA

We love our Tranquilo mat. We purchased the small size and love that it’s easy to maneuver with the baby, especially since I tend to use the product when holding him. It’s been great for travel and is invaluable on nights when our gassy little man just can’t settle. It’s gotten us through some really rough nights. Cannot recommend this product enough!

Lynn, Rippi, and Baby Danny R.
Cambridge, MA