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After seeing the videos demonstrating the product's effects, I was shocked! I wasn’t alone either! The Sharks were visibly impressed with how well that little vibrating mat worked. She obviously has a winning product here and on top of all that she has a utility patent on how she arranges the motors in the blanket.

Anyone who's had a baby knows that there are times when you'll do anything, anything at all to to calm a crying, colicky baby down. But would you buy a $80 portable, vibrating mat? Robert Herjavec, one of the investors on Shark Tank, seems to think so. He threw down $200,000 to Melissa Gersin of Tranquilo for 15 percent equity in her vibrating baby mat during a recent episode of the series.

Three years ago, registered nurse Melissa Gersin was at home Googling how circuitry works and taking apart vibrating neck pillows. Now, she’s the entrepreneur behind Tranquilo, a vibrating baby mat meant to soothe fussy infants.

“This is a vibrating mat you can take anywhere to soothe baby,” says Meg Collins of Lucie’s List. “Since babies are used to constant motion and noise in the womb, this was designed to mimic those same conditions and actually works quite beautifully.”

When we see a great, new product, we love to tell everyone about it. The Tranquilo Mat is a portable, vibrating mat created to calm fussy newborns. It was invented by Melissa Gersin, a maternity RN in the Boston area, after witnessing struggling parents trying to soothe their fussy babies.

Meet Tranquilo Mat. This battery-powered mat is very thin, light, and has amazing effects on calming cranky bambinos. It’s incredibly soothing and has a multitude of uses. It can go under a playmat or on top of baby in a bouncer—and it’s very portable. It’s really cool and I think will help a LOT of families out.