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I have to tell you the mat really, really works!!! …she never responds to the vibration mode in her bassinet, but she stops crying almost immediately with this! It’s amazing! -Kristen N.

Within 30 seconds – no joke – our 3 week old stopped crying. We love the Tranquilo Mat! -Leah D.

We really love it. Definitely our most essential baby item, after diapers. When I brought home the Tranquilo, my wife rolled her eyes and gave me that “not another baby gimmick” look. “Whatever,” she said. But after a couple days she was telling people “it’s like having the Baby Whisperer.” -John S.

We LOVE the mat! Seriously it works like magic! [It] is a lifesaver with my son. At two months old he’s already sleeping through the night with the help of it. This is soo much better than a rock and play! I seriously love the product! Can’t wait to brag about it to my mommy friends! -Malka A.

My brother and sister-in-law could not be happier with their Tranquilo Mat! They keep sending me texts saying “THANK YOU!” a million times over. Such a great product! -Dave M.

I used the mat twice while breastfeeding, once with him and once for myself. I really like vibrations on my back while feeding him. I like that you can wrap it around the baby. -Shira P., Pediatrician

My 4-year-old son loved to use it to calm his sister. Every time she would cry, he would run to get the mat and then turn it on before handing it to me to place it near her. -Jude S.

It worked well and we used it almost every day to help keep her calm, mostly in conjunction with the activity mat. She really seemed to like the “slow wave” mode. It was nice to have a few different modes to try out depending on her moods. -Derrick S.

I think it’s fantastic. My favorite part (about the mat) was how quickly my son went from screaming, to intrigued, to relaxed. -Martha

I was amazed because it calmed him in his car seat and he HATES his car seat. He normally cried the entire time he has to spend in there, which is especially tedious on a long car ride. For that reason and that reason alone, I’d pay you $100 for one right now! -Lindsey B.

[My baby] absolutely loves it! I also definitely caught my husband using it for his back at one point too. It’s really very versatile. -Aubrey C.

Love it! I love how flexible, simple, and easy to use the mat is! -Emily M.

I was skeptical, but this thing is amazing! -Maria F.

I have this in the large and the small sizes as I backed this in an [Indiegogo] campaign. Melissa has been great to work with and we love our Tranquilo Mat…especially the small size as the batteries last longer and it’s just easier to maneuver with a baby, especially since I tend to use this when holding him, rather than lying down. It’s been great for travel and is invaluable on nights when our gassy little man just can’t settle. It’s gotten us through some really rough nights and I was really sad when I couldn’t find it at 4am last night. I vowed to locate it as soon as I got home tonight! Cannot recommend this product enough! -Lynn W.

It’s a great idea. I can definitely see a use for this in our nursery! Especially for the really fussy babies. -Scott L., Pediatrician

It’s the ‘neurologic white-noise’ I always tell parents their babies love and need because it reminds them of the womb. -Laura N., Pediatrician

It helped my daughter enjoy ‘tummy time’ for a bit longer than she normally would, which was a relief because I know how important ‘tummy time’ can be. -Allison D.